Yoga All Levels

Yoga Class in Dun LaoghaireIn this class we adapt the Yoga exercises to you.  Age,  level of fitness, shape or weight does not matter for this class. We make Yoga accessible to everybody! You will feel comfortable and welcomed, even if you feel too stiff , unfit or have never tried yoga before.

We will help you to make peace with yourself and your body and feel ok just being you!

From that starting point of acceptance of your present state of fitness, flexibility, strength and relaxation, you will be able to grow week by week, class by class.

You will be able to:
Get more flexible and supple. Improve general strength and stamina coupled with mental relaxation.

Improve your posture and alignment to feel and look more healthy and confident and to avoid pain and injuries.

Feel at home in your own body. More comfortable, more at easy.

Learn to relax and release stress efficiently. Improve concentration and focus.

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Yoga 1

Suitable for those who are new to Yoga or for those with some experience.

Yoga 1-2

Level 1-2 classes are for those with some experience of yoga – intermediate and more challenging poses are introduced but variations and modifications will be offered.

Yoga 2

This class is for you, if you are ready to move beyond Level 1 or have some previous Vinyasa experience.
Level 2 is designed to take you deeper into your practice by introducing asanas which will challenge you equally on strength & flexibility, so you can discover true harmony in body & mind.
Each class combines a dynamic vinyasa practice with meditation, hands-on alignment, basic yoga philosophy, deep relaxation…and some good sounds!

As we suggest more challenging variations as your practice develops, this is a great place for you to laugh, play and grow in your own time.

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Stretch & Relax

Gentle Yoga Dun Laoghaire StudioIn this class we combined deep and yet easy stretches using yoga props and restorative poses to release the stress of your week, increase flexibility, range of movement and posture.

We help you to create body awareness so you can easily adjust your posture during your normal day to avoid unnecessary tension in the muscles and areas more prone to generate physical pain (back, neck and shoulders). Finish this class with a wonderful relaxation that will leave you fresh and renewed, ready to enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

This class is highly recommended if you work sitting at a desk, study or drive for long periods. Also if you practice sport and need to increase flexibility and focus.

​​ Gentle Yoga

In this class we adapt the yoga exercises to suit the needs of the people (not the other way around!).

We use gentle and safe exercises and we always have at hand different props (chairs, blocks, bolsters, belts) to make you experience with yoga comfortable and enjoyable.

Some of the key benefits of yoga for seniors would include:

Physical: increased flexibility getting in and out of the car, tying shoe laces, putting on socks, tying your bra, picking thinks up that drop on the floor, better sleep, improved posture making you look younger.
Emotional: increased self-esteem, confidence, less depression, emotional well-being, more focused, better memory, sociable, make friends, relaxing.
Yoga leads to more energy, enhanced physical well-being and a more positive attitude towards life.
Many complaints associated with ageing such as sleeplessness, lack of drive and initiative, insufficient circulation and digestive trouble can be corrected.
Yoga is a superior form of weight-bearing exercise for preventing osteoporosis and prevents and helps to overcome arthritis.

Discover the benefits of this powerful style of yoga that is gentle yet empowering.

Whether you are looking to de-stress, energize, or find balance, restorative yoga can be an effective way to reach your goals for wellness.

Restorative yoga is a simple, safe, effective, non-invasive form of yoga that anybody can practice.

Suitable for beginners through to advanced yoga practitioners and yoga teachers.

Restorative yoga provides us with a gentle practice to help us relax, regenerate and renew. It compliments any other forms of exercise we may be engaged in including any forms of yoga.

We are by your side in the search for a more relax way to live. Come along to start to live your life to the fullest!

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Yoga for Teens

Yoga is a wonderful tool to help the teenagers to feel at ease in their body, mind and spirit during those challenging years.
Exams (Junior and Leaving certificate), changing bodies and peer pressure can easily take a toll in our children.

Yoga classes offer them a space to relax, make friends with their changing body and have time for themselves without pressure or expectations.

Body Toning

Get the results you want!

Designed for all ages and fitness levels, this class will improve muscle tone, posture, balance and strength with a workout that employs tools such as lightweight dumbbells, concentrated movements, and your own body resistance!

Achieve your fitness goals with this total body toning workout that incorporates elements of toning, cardio, circuit-style and interval-style training. Build your strength, stamina, and agility by working from top to bottom –biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders, legs, and a special concentration on the midsection with a segment entitled super abs.

Classes are taught in a fun, uplifting and inspiring way, with great music to sing along and forget that you are working out!

​ Prenatal Yoga

Over the course of six weeks, we will explore yoga asana, breathwork and relaxation to help you enjoy your pregnancy and bond with your baby.

Week by week we will deepen the practice, and learn a variety of breath techniques to help with labour and relaxation.

We will work on strengthening and stretching the body, with specific pelvic floor exercises to tone and relax in preparation for birth.

It is important to complete a full course first, before joining on a drop-in basis. The class is open to moms after their first trimester, and most continue with the class until their baby arrives.


Mum and Baby Yoga

Mum and Baby Yoga Dun LaoghaireMum and baby yoga is a great way to bond with your baby while getting back in shape. A typical mother and baby yoga class focuses on re-building core strength. Many of the yoga poses involve the core area which helps to tone these muscles and restore strength after pregnancy. We also focus a lot on relieving tension in areas such as the neck, shoulders and back as many new moms find feeding and lifting baby can lead to tiredness in these areas.

In the class we also practice breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. This helps to replenish lost energy.

It is suitable to start Mum and baby yoga after your postpartum check-up until your baby is actively crawling. Bring a toy and a blanket for baby.

Babies are involved in some of the yoga postures and beside mom on a blanket for others. They usually respond very well to the simple baby moves.

It’s a relaxed environment and all babies are welcome just as they are. It’s also a great way to meet other new moms in a sociable environment. It also fine if baby wants to sleep through the entire class. Feeding and changing during the class is common as is crying! However many babies pick up on the relaxed energy in the class and become quite calm.

Mum and Baby yoga is suitable from 6 weeks post partum (once mums has been cleared by doctor to exercise) and from 12 weeks if you had a caesarean section.

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